Technology Overview

We have partnered with Standard Cyborg, a San Francisco-based technology company, that has developed revolutionary technology to scan and analyze an individual’s anatomy to develop and design custom prosthetics. They are developing custom software for Loving Eyes Foundation which utilizes the depth sensing camera on the iPhone to capture color and depth data, then algorithmically weld the images together to create a highly accurate 3D model. Machine learning models classify, segment, and landmark the face, automatically generating a series of useful measurements that we use to parametrically re-size the components of the glasses to make a fully customized shape.




Currently, we reconstruct prior CT scans to create a 3D model of a child’s head to capture their unique facial features. Then a designer manually creates an individualized glasses design custom built for that child’s unique 3D model. The design is then printed using a commercial grade 3D printing system to provide a high quality, durable product that can withstand the daily life of a young child.

Loving Eyes Foundation - custom designed frames for children with craniofacial anomalies


In partnership with Standard Cyborg, a San Francisco based prosthetics company, we are developing a new model to provide glasses using advanced 3D scanning and automation technology revolutionizes our process. By developing an iPhone based imaging system and using artificial intelligence design programs we can create an iPhone-based system that both creates the 3D head model and designs the glasses. These designs can then be printed by our 3D printing partners and sent directly to the doctors office.

With this new technology we can serve children wherever an ophthalmologist has an iPhone.

Which allows us to serve more children, with less money, in a smaller amount of time.

Loving Eyes Foundation -
Our vision is to provide clear vision for any kid, any where.
— Loving Eyes Foundation